Theft Recovery Technology Information Request
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No, Not This Time! Theft Recovery Device

NNTT Device

Tired of having your things stolen?

Technology to keep track and get your things back. No, Not This Time! Today I will be alerted, track and recover my things.

OK, Here is the deal. For less than A-Dollar-A-Day! No Not This Time is a GPS, Cellular and WiFi enabled device that will run on battery power for up to 7 years.  The device will check in with you twice a day to let you know everything is well.  However, if your “thing” (what ever it is, Boat, ATV, Gun, Trailer, Church Trailer, Lawn Equipment, use your imagination)  Moves, gets jostled, messed with, the NNTT device will come alive and alert you via text, email or pretty much however you want to be notified.   Once you are notified of the movement, the device begins to send periodic updates as to where it currently is located.

Now is your time to call the Police, Authorities or your Brother-in-Law to let them know what is happening.  Get your stuff back today.  Less than the cost of most insurance deductibles and certainly the cost of replacing your “things”.